Title: LEO & LISA, beyond the One & Only City
Author: Miguel Ángel Sáez
Publishing house: Thule Ediciones
Cathegory: Picture book / Comic
Reading age: From 6 years

Isla Flotante Collection
22 x 31 cm | 56 pages | hardback | children 978-84-18702-04-4


The world has changed. There’s just one city left standing: The One & Only City.

Leo is an inventor who uses recycled materials. Lisa is the test pilot. They believe that beyond the walls of The One & Only City there is life, but classmates bully them, the teacher ridicules them and the city’s tycoon pursues them.

However, Leo and Lisa are willing to do anything to prove them wrong.

Leo and Lisa is illustrated from recycled scrap materials to show the beauty of useless things and the life beyond the obvious.


This project is represented by the Carmen Ballcels Literary Agency and has been published in Spain in June 2021.

Rights sold to China and Brazil.

Miguel Ángel Sáez

A cartoonist since he was a child, the author was impressed by the illustrations of the Spanish illustrators José Ramón Sánchez, Ulises Wensell and Jesús Gabán that appeared in Santillana’s “Senda”collection.

Years later he ended up illustrating textbooks for this same publisher. Since 1990, he has made a living as a graphic designer and advertising and editorial illustrator.

As the author relates: “Leo and Lisa appeared in my dreams, many years ago. So I did not have the courage to face this work. Now, finally, I think I’m crazy enough to do it.”


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